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Preliminary Note

This Cookie Policy was last updated on February 15, 2023 and applies to all visitors of our website.

Our website uses both our own cookies and similar technologies as well as cookies from third parties commissioned by us. Hereinafter we inform you about their usage.

A cookie is a small file that is transmitted along with pages of this website and stored by your browser on the hard drive of your device. The information stored therein may be returned to our servers or to the servers of the relevant third parties upon a future visit.

(1) Technical or Functional Cookies

Some cookies ensure the functionality of certain parts of the website and ensure that your user preferences are remembered. By setting functional cookies, we ease your visit to our website. This way, you do not have to repeatedly enter the same information when visiting our website – for example, items remain in your shopping cart until you have paid. We may place these cookies without your consent.

(2) Preferences

The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that have not been requested by the subscriber or user.

(3) Statistics Cookies

We use statistics cookies to optimize the website experience for our users. These statistics cookies provide us with insights into how our website is used. We ask your permission to set cookies for statistical purposes.

(4) Marketing / Tracking Cookies

Marketing / tracking cookies are cookies or other forms of local memory that are used to create user profiles in order to display advertisements or track the user on this website or across multiple websites for similar marketing purposes.

(1) Cookie Pop-Up

When you visit our website for the first time, we will display a pop-up with an explanation about cookies. Once you click “Save Settings”, you agree that we use the categories of cookies and plug-ins that you have selected in the pop-up and as described in this Cookie Policy. You can disable the use of cookies through your browser, but please note that if you do so, our website may not function properly.

(2) Management of Your Settings on Our Website

You can adjust your personal settings concerning cookies at any time. To do so, simply click on the “Manage Consent” button at the bottom of the window. There, you can then change your consent to the use of cookies as desired.

(3) Management of Cookies in the Web Browser

You can use your Internet browser to delete cookies automatically or manually. You can also specify that certain cookies may not be placed. Another option is to change your Internet browser settings so that you receive a message each time a cookie is placed. For more information about these options, see the instructions in the “Help” section of your browser.

Please note that our website may not function properly if all cookies are disabled. If you delete the cookies in your browser, they will be re-placed again your consent when you visit our websites again.

Complianz (Functional)


We use the Complianz service for cookie consent management. Continue reading

Data sharing

This data will not be disclosed to third parties. You can find more information in the Complianz Data Protection Policy.

NameVaild untilFunction
cmplz_cookie_data365 daysStore information about cookies that have been detected on the site
cmplz_id365 daysSave cookie consent preferences
cmplz_user_data365 daysDetermining which cookie banner is displayed
cmplz_policy_id365 daysRecord the ID for the accepted cookie policy
cmplz_saved_categories365 daysSave cookie consent preferences
cmplz_saved_services365 daysSave cookie consent preferences
cmplz_banner-status365 daysStore if the cookie banner has been dismissed
cmplz_marketing365 daysSave cookie consent preferences
cmplz_statistics365 daysSave cookie consent preferences
cmplz_preferences365 daysSave cookie consent preferences
cmplz_functional365 daysSave cookie consent preferences
cmplz_consented_services365 daysSave cookie consent preferences

Burst Statistics (Anonym)


We use the Burst Statistics service for website statistics. Continue reading

Data sharing

This data will not be disclosed to third parties.

NameVaild untilFunction
burst_uid1 monthSave and track interaction

Polylang (Functional)


We use Polylang service for locale management. Continue reading

Data sharing

This data will not be disclosed to third parties.

NameVaild untilFunction
pll_languagecontinuousSave language settings

Google Maps (Marketing/Tracking)


Wir verwenden den Google Maps-Service für die Kartenanzeige. Weiterlesen

Data sharing

You can find more information in the Google Maps Data Protection Policy.

NameVaild untilFunction
Google Maps APIkeinsRequest the user IP address
Marketing / Tracking

YouTube (Marketing/Tracking/Functional)


We use the YouTube service for video display. Continue reading.

Data sharing

You can find more information in the YouTube Data Protection Policy.

NameVaild untilFunction
GPSSitzungStore location data
YSCSitzungSave and track interaction
PREF8 MonateStore the user preferences
NameVaild untilFunction
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE6 monthsProvide estimations of bandwidth

Verschiedenes (Cookies that are still being investigated)

Data sharing

Data sharing is the subject of an investigation.

NameValid untilFunction
365 days
Cookies that are still being investigated

A script is a program code that allows our website to function properly and interactively. This code is executed on our server or on your device.

A web beacon (or pixel tag) is a small, invisible piece of text or image on a website that is used to monitor traffic on a website. To do this, web beacons store various data about you.