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Kleinstnetzwerk (small, mobile communication system)

A Kleinstnetzwerk is a robust, highly mobile communications system. It fulfils all requirements pertaining to extreme environmental conditions, whether in military deployments or in disaster areas, and so can be used to set up ad hoc communications networks complying with various standards in the most aggressive environments.

It can be operated and used as a self-sufficient unit and provides wireless links carrying at least 1 Mbit/s of voice/data for up to 20 subscribers within a 200-metre radius in an obstacle-free zone.

Micro network 2.0

Like its predecessor, the Kleinstnetzwerk 2.0 is designed for the fast, flexible set-up of a communications system in the field. It can be used as an alternative to overloaded or destroyed regular systems. Voice and data for the coordination of all deployed forces are transmitted by wire, Wi-Fi or mobile phone networks (4G/5G). Combining multiple systems can serve a wider area in the field.

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