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Adherence to the GDPR can be hard work and often confusing. Yet data protection is important if you are not to be faced with potentially defamatory complaints and costly official warnings and lawsuits. To prevent these possibilities, a data protection officer may be appointed who makes sure that employee and customer data are protected and the legal specifications observed. However, the high labour costs and the statutory protection against dismissal can soon make internal data protection officers an expensive addition.

And this is where steep GmbH comes in. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive package covering all the key aspects of data protection, or just specific services configured to your company’s needs, steep GmbH can offer you everything you need to protect your business.

Arne Siegert

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Data Privacy Officer

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The end-to-end package. A certified data protection expert at steep GmbH takes over the duties of data protection officer at your company. This data protection expert is not only your contact for data protection issues, but also responsible for all aspects serving to ensure compliance with the GDPR at your company, and so removing you out of the authorities’ line of fire.

Our certified data protection experts can advise you on GDPR-compliant data processing on your website and compile privacy statements tailored to your needs.

The GDPR stipulates that a DPIA must be carried out without fail whenever the data processing poses a high risk to the data subject. It serves to assess the impact an introduced or changed system may have on data protection.

Our certified data protection experts help you to realign your application process to GDPR principles, yet without detriment to its efficiency.

steep GmbH offers an expansive catalogue of advanced training and instruction measures for your employees.

Fast and effective response is indispensable in minimizing the losses and penalties imposed by supervisory bodies on violations to data protection. Our certified data protection experts work closely with you in drawing up a comprehensive response schedule.

steep GmbH can provide checklists intended to ease the workload on your employees when generating GDPR-compliant documents.

Companies with branches in the EU and companies marketing their goods and services in the EU are obliged to appoint an EU Authorized Representative (EAR). This representative is the contact for affected parties and authorities within the EU. This is especially important for companies based outside of the EU. The experts at steep GmbH represent your interests before the authorities and offer you their assistance in legal liability issues.