IT Security

There are many reasons in favour of prioritizing IT security at a company.

  • Data leaks can spawn legal reprisals touching the personal liability of executives.
  • Sensitive data can escape their isolation, not only impacting customer loyalty, but also threatening the disclosure of trade secrets and even blackmail.
  • Critical infrastructure can be compromised, resulting in costly downtimes and loss of productivity.

Preventing these problems before they arise, minimizing losses and ensuring adherence to the legal requirements are the responsibility of an information security officer (ISO). Yet the appointment of an internal ISO also involves a draw on resources that are now no longer available for other issues.

Accordingly, steep GmbH offers all of the services needed in the information security field. You can then choose from a number of packages, but still enjoy differentiated cost control. And if you decide on the all-inclusive package covering the key issues of information security, you can claim the services of an external ISO to the extent you wish to invest. One of steep GmbH’s dedicated information security experts is then deployed as an ISO at your company where he can take over the assignments an internal ISO would be responsible for. If, though, you are more interested in individual services or a combination of them, you may also claim these, including solutions tailored to your needs. The consulting services fulfil IT baseline protection and ISO/IEC 27001

Harald Assenmacher

Telephone: +49 228 6681 576


Head of IT Delivery


  • Inspections of existing IT infrastructure: The existing infrastructure is examined for potential risks, and recommendations are drawn up.
  • Information security consulting: The first step towards sustainable information security is identifying the affected information and its need for protection. A second step sets down the targets for the preservation of information security specific to your company. This is important if the right balance is to be struck between security and efficiency.
  • Advice on the necessary security measures: Measures are drawn up that are indispensable in establishing information security aligned to the corporate objectives.
  • Support and advice throughout the introduction of new IT components: Changes to a company’s IT structure may give rise to new dangers. As a means to meet these, the security measures must be supervised and adjusted at regular intervals. steep GmbH provides experts that interpret your system according to information security criteria and act in a supporting role as your contact for the assessment of future changes.

Working together with you, a steep GmbH information security expert elaborates a security concept that is tailored to your quite specific IT infrastructure and provides the basis for a compliant and reliable configuration of your IT systems.

A steep GmbH information security expert advises on the configuration of an IT solution tailored to your corporate processes. On request, other steep IT experts can also offer to set this up for you.

You want to have your company certified? A steep information security expert prepares the way for your company so that you need not worry about the coming audit.

If you are faced with internal considerations respecting information security, but are unsure about the right decision, the experts at steep GmbH can undertake the necessary studies. This helps you to base your decision on verifiable facts.

steep GmbH offers an expansive catalogue of advanced training and instruction programmes for your employees. Interested? Then contact us, and together we’ll draw up a schedule just as you need.