Mobile Networks

steep GmbH specializes in the integration of innovative, high-quality information and telecommunication technologies in mobile and highly mobile solutions for networked operations. The experience we have gained over decades in the field we can incorporate into each new project, when we collaborate closely with our customers from the very outset in developing the technical concept in line with each and every one of their specific needs.

The security requirements and ambient conditions you need for your new system are discussed with you from the very beginning when all of the framework parameters are analysed. In fact, we align our solutions to your special needs and the available market potential as early as our quotation stages. In conceptualizing a technical solution, we integrate so-called COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products, components and systems from renowned manufacturers. At the same time, our independence of manufacturers gives us the flexibility we need to select those components best suited for the system.

Stefan Dopp

Telephone: +49 228 6681 611


Head of Mobile Networks

Our services:

In tailoring our solution precisely to customer requirements, we elaborate application concepts, generate technical documentation and plan the whole course of the project from beginning to end. The steps involved in our project management include:

  • Structural development
  • Design drawings
  • Calculated ergonomics
  • Design models and prototypes
  • Acquisitions and series production planning
  • Performance analyses

The components we acquire fulfil in every detail our customers’ specific system requirements. Our services encompass:

  • Acquisition and manufacture of hardware, subassemblies and cable sets
  • Equipment for climate zones reaching as high as 60 °C
  • Immunity to electromagnetic effects (EMC, excess voltage, lightning)

Our systems support also includes a wide range of systems testing and measuring services. We test parts and measure specific properties of systems as a means to verify their full, continuous operability. Our services encompass:

  • Usage analysis for components
  • Configuration management for complete technical systems
  • Single- and multi-level systems monitoring and parts testing
  • Analysis of components’ technical specifications