Your end-to-end solution for radiation protection and dosimeter management

Employers are obliged by law to safeguard and organize precise measurements of radiation per person over time and to document these measurements in a form permitting their evaluation. RaDoClid 2.0 fulfils these requirements under Germany’s radiation protection laws StrlSchG and is updated at regular intervals in line with the ongoing amendments.

This software facilitates the efficient management and evaluation of all relevant processes involved throughout radiation protection, dosimeter distribution, qualification records and medical check-ups. This saves both time and costs and minimizes potential sources of error.

And our ISO 27001 cloud hosting system on German servers helps you to save costs for internal IT resources. A powerful firewall, IP restriction options, two-factor authentication and automated backups all combine to safeguard against data loss and are subjected to external penetration tests.

Also our pricing model is tailored to your needs. The costs are based, for instance, on the number of managed dosimeter bearers, so you pay only for what you actually need.

Uwe Tewes

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E-Mail: Uwe.Tewes@steep.de

Head of IT Consulting

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