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steep Training Center Hamburg

Since 1984 an experienced team at our steep Training Centre Hamburg has been providing an operations- and field-based portfolio of subsidized and unsubsidized requalification and advanced training courses for candidate metalworkers and electricians.

Despite its increasing population, Hamburg is in growing need of qualified, skilled workers. The key to meeting this demand is provided by quality initial and further training. Whether for young persons, job seekers or apprentices, our steep Training Centre Hamburg can offer you the qualifications you need for the electrical, electronic, automation, metalworking, welding and aviation fields.

The steep Training Centre Hamburg has been certified under the quality standards issued by Weiterbildung Hamburg e. V., a network of educational institutions in Hamburg.

Horst-Günter Hagemeier

Telephone: +49 40 853155 337

E-Mail: hamburg.ausbildung@steep.de

Head of steep Training Centre Hamburg

You want a new direction in your career? You’re seeking a permanent job in the metalworking or electrical fields? Talk to us, and together we’ll organize your induction all along your initial professional career. Training and AVGS vouchers are accepted.

We …

  • are an approved, AZAV-certified further training organization.
  • are a partner of many years’ standing of Germany’s federal employment agency BA and Hamburg’s job centre and chamber of commerce (CC).
  • employ experienced trainers working for many years on examining boards.
  • have a pass record of over 90 per cent at the Hamburg CC.
  • pave your way to your new job.
  • accompany you in all requalification and induction issues respecting your new vocation.

You’re 16 to 25 years old? You want to find the right training for you? You’re attending classes for preliminary dual training (so-called AVdual)?

We …

  • give you the opportunity to try out a number of vocations.
  • provide preliminary vocational training with prospects of an apprenticeship.
  • organize your orientation and assistance phase at our metalworking and electrical workshops.
  • plan with you your deployment at a suitable internship company.
  • accompany you up to your first day of training.

You’re a trainer and need assistance in realizing your training units? You want to benefit from external resource and training planning?

Our portfolio:

  • Qualified and dedicated trainers from the field
  • Suitability tests with established diagnosis instruments
  • Personalized induction into apprenticeships
  • Personal support for your trainees and skilled workers
  • Field-based HR development and implementation of your HR strategy
  • Venues for examinations based on decades of experience in the field and on boards

Your benefits:

  • By taking over the planning and steering of your training portfolio, we ease the workload on your staff
  • You can concentrate on your core line
  • High-quality apprenticeships backed by external resources
  • Highly qualified trainees and skilled workers enhance staff satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enhanced communication of your corporate culture in personal addresses to your trainees based on your requirements and wishes
  • Safeguarding of your future need for skilled workers

All of our requalification courses culminate in an examination before the Hamburg CC and the award of the trade proficiency certificate. The welder’s apprenticeship ends on the award of an approved (TÜV NORD) welding certificate.

  • Automation electronics technician (m/f/nb)
  • Production electronics technician (m/f/nb)
  • Devices and systems electronics technician (m/f/nb)
  • Skilled metal fitter or machinist (m/f/nb)
  • Industrial devices and systems or production electrician (m/f/nb)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f/nb)
  • Mechatronics technician (m/f/nb)
  • Machinist (m/f/nb)


  • Support in the planning and steering of your training portfolio
  • Takeover of specific training phases
  • Support in the planning and implementation of further training measures
  • Elaboration and development of concepts
  • Development and optimization of your HR strategy

Selection and testing procedures

  • Analysis and definition of your training and staff needs
  • Administrative acceptance and handling of the application procedure
  • Analysis and implementation of selection procedures
  • Testing and/or assessment procedures


  • Support in the implementation of training programmes
  • Needs-based takeover of single modules or the entire training programme for the first year
  • Close collaboration between the deploying organization, the vocational school and the off-site training location
  • Preparation of your trainees specifically for parts 1 and 2 of the final examination (Abschlussprüfung Teil I/II)


Training programmes tailored to your operating requirements and recurrent instruction courses of one day’s duration and longer


Benefit from the central location and ease of access to our centre on Hamburg’s Schnackenburgallee. We are located directly next to the suburban railway station “Eidelstedt”, reached on line 21 to Elbgaustraße or line 3 to Pinneberg from the main and Altona stations. This stop also serves AKN’s line A1 (to Neumünster main station via Quickborn). You can reach us by car over the A7 motorway, exit “HH-Volkspark”.