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Command and Control Centre for the German Air Force EinsVbd

Since December 2015 the Bundeswehr has been collaborating in the “Counter Daesh” mission in the war against the Islamic State in Syria. For the purpose of safeguarding the command capabilities of the German armed forces with respect to military and IT security, the BAAINBw commissioned GSS+ to implement a relocatable command and control (C2) centre for the Luftwaffe, the German air force.

The centralized system houses the control technologies for the RECCE (“reconnaissance”) Tornado and the A400M for in-flight refuelling. Covering 610 square metres in total, the workspace provided in the system is divided among 40 dedicated containers and 20 corridor containers, or about 80-100 workplaces.

Cointainer types

• Containers dedicated to work and server functions
• Left, right and central coupling containers
• End and centre corridor containers
• Single containers
• Double containers
• Three- and fourfold containers

Ingo Marx

Telephone: +49 228 6681 520

E-Mail: ingo.marx@steep.de

Head of Sales Defence

Unless specified otherwise, all containers are air-conditioned by means of a standard heat exchanger centred on a chilled water unit. Parallel heat and cold processes can also be configured to dehumidify the containers. The server containers feature on each rack an air-conditioning heat exchanger for cooling the IT componentry. The air conditioning range has been configured for outdoor temperatures as high as +60 °C.