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Deployable Network

The deployable network provides the subscribers with access to the network and serves as the local source of all the functions of a convergent network complying with public standards. It can then be used to handle all applications (e.g. central services, command and specialized information systems) on a standardized network.

One of the system’s core applications is VoIP, which depends essentially on IPv6. In-field links to the homeland are safeguarded over long-distance IP-compatible media. Transmissions make use primarily of satellite communications and radio relay systems. The system can link to any long-distance transmission system as a means to safeguard uninterrupted communication with the higher command levels.

Intended for use in crisis regions, these systems have been accommodated in operations, transport and storage containers certified pursuant to military standards. These containers (abbreviated officially as “BTuLB”) have been developed by the provider steep specifically for use under the most diverse climate conditions and provide IP54 protection when operating and IP64 protection during transport. One subscriber network system consists of a core network module and at least five subscriber connection modules. A core network module consists of two identical submodules (“I” and “II”) and is therefore designed for 100 per cent redundancy. This redundancy enables the system to continue operating to full capacity even when one of the submodules fails. The core network submodules are interlinked likewise over redundant 20 Gbit/s optical waveguides. Fitted with a UPS module and a specially developed air conditioning unit, it is also operable under extreme climate conditions and can balance out or bypass power supply fluctuations for up to 15 minutes. In addition, it exhibits an extreme operating temperature range of -32 °C to +49 °C.

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