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Accredited Calibration and Environmental Measurements

The EMC services provided by steep are all state of the art, as verified e.g. by our accreditations.

Accredited calibration (DKD calibration)

steep GmbH is one of only a few EMC centres in Germany to run a laboratory dedicated to the traceable, accredited calibration of field strength instrumentation and clip-on current transformers. The applied calibration procedures were elaborated in close collaboration with the national accreditation body DAkkS and the national metrology institute PTB. Moreover, steep GmbH is a member of Germany’s calibration forum DKD.

Measurements of EMC effects on the environment

Environmental EMC extends to the effects of electromagnetic fields on humans and the environment. As a measure towards protecting people and the environment, thresholds were defined for the electromagnetic fields generated by technical equipment. Environmental EMC measurements as defined under national and international standards provide the basis on which transmitting equipment’s adherence to thresholds is safeguarded and documented. Tests in this subfield of mobile EMC measurements focusing on environmental impact are among the standard services provided by our EMC centres in Bonn and Ottobrunn.

Hayrullah Carkit

Telephone: +49 228 6681 407

E-Mail: Hayrullah.Carkit@steep.de

Sales EMC Centres Bonn and Ottobrunn

Public and consortia standards

  • DIN
  • RTCA
  • VDE
  • EN
  • GLC
  • IEC
  • ISO
  • VG
  • 26. BImSchV

The steep GmbH EMC centres based in Bonn and Ottobrunn have been accredited in all DAkkS fields under the standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.
In the following, you can download our certificates, their EMC, medical engineering and laboratory calibration annexes and a list of the auditable standards.


Technischer Dienst Benennungsurkunde und Anlage 🇩🇪 DownloadKBA-P 00114-21E-Mail
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