EMC Engineering

We advise our customers on EMC product design over all stages, from the initial draft to the golden sample to series production. Our support measures include inline EMC measurements under the outline conditions imposed by relevant EMC regulations, EMC standards and your own requirements. If you wish, we can also elaborate improvement concepts, e.g. on EMC interference elimination or so-called hardening, conduct studies and analyses and advise on all electromagnetic compatibility issues.

In turn, we are supported by our many years of experience and our own EMC centres in Bonn and Ottobrunn.

Whether you’re developing a tiny chip or a 60-ton solution, EMC Service at steep GmbH advises you on all technical and legal aspects of electromagnetic compatibility for the following applications:

Our Services

  • Immission control
  • Military technology
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding
  • Control and instrumentation
  • Rail technology
  • Medical engineering
  • IT

Hayrullah Carkit

Telephone: +49 228 6681 407

E-Mail: Hayrullah.Carkit@steep.de

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