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EMC testing and EMC hardening

Interactions between technical systems – this is the subject of electromagnetic compatibility. Every day sees the launch of new electric and electronic products expected to deliver a high level of reliable performance.

A precise planning and testing schedule for electromagnetic compatibility over an electric or electronic product’s development safeguards these products’ reliability and operability in their intended environment. Neither may they be impacted by electromagnetic disruption from the vicinity, nor their own electromagnetic emissions impact other products. The EMC expert team at steep GmbH supports customers over this product generation phase – from the initial draft to the launch.

steep offers here an extensive portfolio, including many services it has developed for renowned customers, in addition to its hardening and testing services either on site or at its own EMC centres. For instance, steep GmbH has been conducting EMC tests on Jena-Optronik products for many years.

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Vertrieb EMV Zentren Bonn und Ottobrunn

Our range of EMC tests serve to quantify the status of a device’s, system’s or installation’s electromagnetic compatibility. These tests include:

  • Investigations into conducted and radiated immunity
  • Quantifications of conducted and radiated disruption
  • Measurements of shielding effectiveness

steep GmbH performs tests on virtually all test piece types, from small-scale appliances to large-scale vehicles and assemblies with running IC engine. Immunity tests are performed in the frequency range up to 40 GHz, emission measurements up to 50 GHz. For this purpose, our EMC centres can generate very high field strengths up to 800 V/m.

Onsite EMC tests are important for determining electromagnetic compatibility under real field conditions or on particularly large or stationary installations. Almost all of our EMC tests are performed with ultra-modern instrumentation at the set-up or operating site, e.g. on production plant in a hall or on transmitter systems.

Our EMC hardening portfolio is setting standards in the optimization of electromagnetic compatibility for devices, affecting their emissions, their immunity to external emissions and the impact of their interacting componentry. steep GmbH offers EMC hardening services both inline and for achieving today’s highly ambitious immunity targets on the pre-production model.