Mains Connection Box

When combined with an interstage transformer, the mains connection box forms a so-called mains connection unit. This protects the personnel in the container (or cabin) from excessively high contact voltages. Likewise protected against excess voltage (e.g. lightning strikes) are the connected consumers. The mains connection box is integrated in the container and cabins.

Ingo Marx

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Head of Sales Defence


The mains connection box and the series-connected interstage transformer together form the mains connection unit for transportable establishments, e.g. in a container or shelter. The installed safety equipment protecting the personnel and connected devices against excess voltage complies with DIN VDE 0845 / VG96901-4. The primary side has been fitted with protective insulation complying with DIN VDE 0100-717. All internal surfaces are lined with GFRP and DOGLAS® 180G. The outside presents an inspection port for examining visually the overvoltage arrester. The basic installation corresponds to the standard modular system MTV 4110-1 with the flange measurements 353 x 353 mm.