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Modular Air Conditioning Solutions

Owing to the ever-changing deployment scenarios and locations of armies, their modern IT hardware demands protection against external climate effects. In most cases, mobile communications at the command centres make use of 19” COTS products, otherwise used in stationary civilian data centres only. This hardware is not designed for the highly diverse climate conditions in the field. It must therefore be cooled or heated by special equipment if it is to operate reliably in these deployment scenarios. All variants have been tested and certified by independent laboratories.


The steep product range extends from the smallest 180 W air conditioning unit (thermoelectric cooling) to the max. 1400 W CLION® SK 140 “Huckepack” to the largest air conditioning variant, the max. 4500 W CLION® SK 340. All air conditioning units have been designed for use on 19” BTuLB. These may also be customized on request.

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