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Modular Levelling Pallet

The modular levelling pallet is a solution developed specifically in response to the requirements for the relocatable access networks project VAN. It is a EURO-pallet-sized baseplate whose level can be adjusted for the running and transport of stacked operations, transport and storage containers (BTuLB). The modular levelling pallet is easy to handle and fulfils today’s safety and ergonomics regulations.

The levelling pallet features tie-down rings for the optimal stacking and transport safety. Its pull-out legs provide a highly stable support for the entire system when operating and can be adjusted at four setscrews on the underside. Accessories can be stowed in the integrated drawers, so no additional transport containers are needed for them. Tipping the scales at 40 kilograms, the pallet can be loaded with up to approx. 1000 kilograms.

Stefan Dopp

Telephone: +49 228 6681 611

E-Mail: Stefan.Dopp@steep.de

Head of Mobile Networks


  • Height-adjustable
  • Safe stacking
  • Anti-tilt
  • EURO-pallet-sized
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Lightweight design