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Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence of system or device parts is the expected outcome when new or amended requirements and even emerging complementary (hardware and software) solutions discontinue or revise hardware and software support and updates during the period of use.

For our customers’ systems, we run an obsolescence management (OM) system complying with the following standards:

  • NATO STANAG 4597 – Obsolescence management (2010)
  • C1-1500/3-7002 Bundeswehr regulation “Obsoleszenzmanagement” (Version 2)
  • DIN EN 62402 – Instructions on obsolescence management (2008 / draft 2017)
  • D-1500/19 – Bundeswehr ordinance on elimination of obsolescence “Beseitigung von Obsoleszenzen” (Version 1)
  • Luftwaffe BLK (latest version 2015)

The systematic capture, analysis and monitoring of critical components, hardware and software and the strategic procedure help us to minimize risks in the acquisition of replacement parts and to eliminate operative systems failure. It is vital that OM supplies the data and details underlying the financial and investment planning for the product lifecycle.

Dirk Dullinger

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Head of Material Management