Systems Integration

steep GmbH specializes in the manufacture, integration and delivery of innovative functional systems and high-quality IT and communications technology in complex installations. Our systems integration services include the whole range, from the analysis, conception and development to the acquisition of the most diverse components to the manufacture, delivery and onsite commissioning of mobile systems. Among our customers for fully equipped mobile command centres are the Bundeswehr, the police and relief organizations.


  • Acquisition and manufacture of components, subassemblies and cable sets
  • Series production of mobile systems
  • Mobile systems equipment for climate zones reaching as high as 60 °C
  • Anti-ballistic systems against physical overload
  • Protective hardening against explosive forces
  • Technical and military ABC protection
  • Immunity to electromagnetic effects (EMC, excess voltage, lightning)

Ingo Marx

Telephone: +49 228 6681 520


Head of Sales Defence

In many cases, complex projects can be managed only by means of solutions that embody a large number of technical components and services. And here is where our strengths and our experience in systems development can be brought to bear.

In order to analyse all their requirements with precision, we collaborate closely with our customers. A solution tailored exactly to our customers’ wishes demands that we develop application concepts, plan all stages in the management of the project and generate the documentation with photorealistic depictions.

  • Structural development
  • System specifications
  • Design drawings
  • Structural analyses
  • Design models and demonstrators
  • Acquisitions, production and series production planning
  • Function tests and final acceptance with customers
  • Transport, set-up and onsite commissioning

Our choice of mobile systems for our customers, e.g. vehicles, trailers, tents, containers, etc., is aligned meticulously to the specific requirements of our customers’ systems.