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Technical Documentation

ETD/IETD (electronic technical documentation / interactive electronic technical documentation) is generated according to S1000D and S2000M specifications or as PDF files based on H011 or GAF-TO.


The descriptive technical documentation is generated in compliance with the applicable regulations in the S1000D specifications (V1.9 in conjunction with S2000M V2.1) and the National Style Guide 3.4 (NSG).

S1000D is implemented as set down in the central guideline A2-1000/0-0-24 regulating the Bundeswehr’s (interactive) electronic technical documentation and its follow-up documents.

The replacement parts lists (raw data) and their catalogues are generated according to ASD S2000M specifications (V2.1 Change 4) with the implementation regulation DB SPEC 2000M (eighth revision) up to master status.

In general, cataloguing/codification data are provided by the software N-CORE as set down in § 1 B of DB SPEC 2000M. The application of the cataloguing clauses BAAINBw-B 109/08.2013 and BAAINBw-B 110/08.2013 is safeguarded.

The system’s logistics are depicted by means of the Standard Numbering System (SNS). The SNS is based on ASD SPEC 2000M. Details can be found in the affected project’s guidance document (psGD).

AnlBlAAN are generated on the basis of BOMs as set down in work instruction no. 43 (AW 43) for generating annex sheets for equipment instructions.

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