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All hardware that does not apply encryption methods when processing or transmitting confidential information must be approved by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This approval is awarded to shielded hardware, i.e. devices that do not generate compromising emissions. Also partially shielded hardware may be approved. Affected here are so-called zone devices that generate compromising emissions to a limited extent only and whose risks can be contained adequately through their use in a particular zone (formerly COMSEC). Following a successful approval (type) test, the series devices must then undergo an individual inspection.

In its capacity as an approved inspection body, steep GmbH is authorized to conduct these so-called short or zone short measurement procedures on products the BSI has approved as zone material. As our own “testing group”, we affix our own badges and seals to IT products.

Nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP)

Our NEMP simulator maps the generation of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) for the purpose of developing protective measures against the short-term voltage surge this pulse induces. Unlike EMC, the measures protecting against an NEMP must expect a far higher disruptive intensity, but over a limited time. steep GmbH also assists and advises in NEMP hardening issues – above and beyond the usual EMC hardening scope.

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